70 Dodge charger

Images Of 70 dodge chargers
70 Dodge charger
70 Dodge charger

70 Dodge charger
70 Dodge charger

70 Dodge charger
70 Dodge charger

70 Dodge charger
  1970 Dodge Charger even Dominic Toretto was scared to drive. Muscle cars.

Because 70 Dodge Chargers have, for the last 40 years, been Hollywood's favorite cars to wreck, they've become both rare and expensive.

70 Dodge charger Engine
Type: Supercharged Chrysler 426 Hemi V-8
Intake: BDS Blower Intake
Injection: BDS Electronic Fuel Injection
Supercharger: BDS 9-71 Roots-style blower
Fuel: Sunoco Racing Fuel
Lubricant: Castrol

Transmission: Chrysler 727 Three-Speed Automatic
Converter: Cone
Shifter: Winters
Driveshaft: General
Rear axle: Dana 60
Headers: Hedman
Mufflers: Flowmaster
Tubes: Morse 3-inch
Fuel pump: Holley

70 Dodge charger Suspension
Springs: Hotchkis
Shocks: Hotchkis

70 Dodge charger Wheels
Type: Coy's C-5
Front size: 18-by-8.0 inches
Rear size: 18-by-9.5 inches

70 Dodge charger Tires
Type: Continental Sport Contact
Front size: 255/45R18
Rear size: 285/50R18

70 Dodge charger Braking
Front: Wilwood Disc
Rear: Wilwood Disc
Slide brake: Wilwood

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